Company Overview

RFKeeper is a leading provider of supply chain management and loss prevention solutions.

Founded in 2008 by a team of industry experts with the vision of developing end-to-end solutions that enable fashion retailers to dramatically improve inventory accuracy, reduce shrinkage, and increase shoppers’ loyalty.

Over the years, we have developed solutions that can be deployed within hours and require minimal training and changes to your current store processes.
A variety of tags are available to secure apparel, eyewear, watches, jewelry and more. In addition, we provide best in class appliances and software applications that were specifically designed to streamline operations at your store, warehouse, and supply chain.

We at RFKeeper are devoted to helping retailers achieve maximum profitability through our innovative solutions and products. Many top retail chains have deployed RFKeeper’s field-proven solutions achieving tangible benefits such as increased sales, merchandise shrink reduction, and improved store profitability.