Q: Are RFKeeper tags compatible with my existing anti-theft, EAS gates?
A: Yes, our tags are compatible with the market’s common AM (58 KHz) and RF (8.2 MHz) EAS gates.

Q: What RFID technology your tags use?
A: Our tags are passive RFID, EPC Class-1 Gen-2 (ISO 18000-6C) compliant.

Q: What kind of items can your tags secure?
A: A variety of tag models, pins, and lanyards are available to secure apparel, footwear, eyewear, accessories, watches, jewelry and more.

Q: Do your tags require any periodic maintenance?
A: RFKeeper’s tags are battery-less, therefore do not require maintenance.

Q: Do you offer hard tags and soft tags?
A: Yes, we offer both soft and hard tags. Customers can use hard tags, soft tags (labels) or a mix; for example, securing clothing items with hard tags and accessories using soft labels.

Q: What is the lifetime of tags?
A: Tags are reusable and can last during tens of thousands of rewrite cycles. That means over 10 years even in the most fast moving retail chains.

Installation and setup

Q: How much time does it take to deploy a complete store?
A: Installation of a complete store takes a few hours. All of our Plug & Play devices are either standalone or use standard connection to USB or Wi-Fi. In addition, you will need to tag the required clothing items using our Smart Tags. The tagging process is quite similar to the EAS tagging process you are used to using pins or lanyards.

Q: What software is required for tag serialization/commissioning?
A: You do not need any software installation or server connectivity, our Tag Commissioning device is completely standalone. Simply plug it in to power and you’re ready to go.

Q: How do I connect the RFKeeper Tag Detacher to my POS?
A: Our detacher connects to most POS terminals without the need for any software or driver installation. You simply connect it to power and to your POS USB port.

Inventory Counts

Q: How much time does it take to count a store?
A: RFKeeper enables you to count complete stores within hours. For example, counting 10,000 items takes around 30 minutes using one Stocktaking Reader.

Q: Can I count large stores with more than one device?
A: Yes, you can use several Stocktaking Readers concurrently to shorten the time needed for the inventory count. Our system ensures accurate stocktaking, counting each item once.

Q: What is your count accuracy?
A: Our customers usually get very close to 100% accuracy. This is achieved due to our long-range Stocktaking Handheld Readers and reliable RFID EAS hard tags.

Q: While counting, do I need to touch or move the items?
A: Inventory counts can be accomplished by scanning shelves and boxes from a distance. You do not need to touch or move the items and that also applies to items inside boxes in the backroom or items on metal shelves.

Q: How can I use the inventory count generated by RFKeeper?
A: Our system can generate inventory reports in common flat file format such as CSV or Tab delimited. These files can be easily uploaded by most inventory management systems. In addition, you can open it in Excel to further analyze it.

Q: Can I distinguish between items in the backroom to items on the sales-floor?
A: Yes, our Replenishment Module enables you to know what items are missing on the sales-floor and to automatically generate pick lists for your associates.

Service and support

Q: Who can help me with the product installation and training?
A: RFKeeper’s professional resellers possess all the knowledge and professional manpower to support you. Our growing network of resellers ensures you get support in your local language and during your working hours.