Rapid POS Checkout

RFKeeper’s solution enables retailers to rapidly count stores and warehouses, improve inventory accuracy and as a result increase sales and reduce stock carrying costs. RFKeeper’s EAS RFID Tags attached to apparel, footwear, eyewear and accessories, provide real-time visibility of stock levels at your stores and throughout the entire supply chain.

Smart POS Detacher seamlessly connects to any POS terminal’s USB port (Plug & Play) and does not require any software or driver installation, or integration.

During customer checkout, the detacher releases RFKeeper tags and transfers the information stored on the tag to the cash register eliminating the need for barcode scanning.
Smart POS Detacher can cut customer checkout time up to 50%, since barcode scanning is not required. The result is shorter lines, accurate price charging, and improved shopping experience.


Rapid POS Checkout Benefits

  • Cuts customer checkout time
  • Eliminates the need for barcode scanning
  • Ensures accurate price charging
  • Eliminates label errors and swapping
  • Connects to any POS terminal
  • Does not require any software or driver installation