RFID Loss Prevention

RFKeeper’s RFID Loss Prevention enables retailers to leverage the use of Anti-Theft security tags in order to reduce shrinkage while improving inventory accuracy. Our solutions address shoplifting, internal theft and provide greater visibility over shipments of goods. The result is substantial reduction in shrinkage due to tighter inventory control.


Shoplifting Prevention

RFKeeper Tags alert upon attempt to leave store with tagged items. Moreover, our fitting room protection kit alerts store-security upon any unusual behavior. The system alerts when a client enter the fitting room with too many items, extremely expensive items, or items that are not allowed inside the fitting room (coats, jewelry etc.).
During customer checkout Smart POS Detachers eliminate the need for barcode scanning, minimize barcode swapping, and improve price charging accuracy.


Minimize Internal Loss

Frequent inventory counts enable retailers to better control their stock and identify stock variances as they occur. RFKeeper offers automated inventory counts that take a fraction of time compared to manual counts. Variance reports are generated on the fly and can be used to track missing items.


Reduce Supply Chain Shrinkage

A variety of terminals and handheld readers are available to efficiently handle shipments and validate their content against packing lists. This enables to confirm shipments and identify exceptions in real-time.
It takes seconds to read closed boxes, pallets, packages, racks and more, at any point of the supply chain. Now, you can afford to validate any shipment that leaves the warehouse, goes on a truck, off the truck and enters your store. As a result shipping errors and shrinkage are dramatically reduced.