Targeted Sales & Marketing

RFKeeper’s advanced solutions take targeted sales and marketing to a whole new level and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.


Fitting Room Shopper Aid

The Fitting Room Shopper Aid assists customers getting help with items taken into the fitting room. If the customer would like to try-on a different size or color, he or she does not need to leave the fitting room. Instead, by clicking on the Shopper Aid touch screen, the customer can submit a request and get the desired item without leaving the fitting room.


Personal Styling Stand

Personal Styling Stand identifies the item a customer is trying-on and suggests matching items. In addition, it displays personalized promotions and advertisements related to the items. The Personal Styling Stand allows you to perform true one-to-one marketing and provide your customers with a superior shopping experience.


RFID Enabled Loyalty Cards and Club Members Campaigns

Timing is everything – RFKeeper enables you to send personalized messages to your loyal customers in real time – while they are at the store. We offer RFID Enabled Loyalty Cards that look like normal plastic cards but provide distinct notifications when loyal shoppers enter your stores.  The customer does not need to present the card or even take it out of his or her bag. The solution can be easily integrated to campaign management systems and trigger your campaign system to send personalized coupons and promotions in real-time to card holders.